Бершидский технично о слухах про Путина

Леонид Бершидский на Блумберге дал технический образец, как можно раскрыть серьезную тему, основываясь только на слухах, ибо другой фактуры нет. Решается просто: "It's probably not true, but I wish it were". И дальше – рассуждения, почему.
Лугано-Луганск – круто.
I want the president of my country to be normal. I want him to worry about the woman he loves and fly to a Swiss clinic to hold her hand when she gives birth. I want him to drink too much champagne after holding the baby for the first time, and perhaps take a few days off work. (I did when my kids were born.) I want him to remember in Lugano what he did to Luhansk, and regret it, and put it right.
Being a Daddy Might Be Good for Putin


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